Optimax Pro - Heat Pump

  • High Wall
  • 12K ( 1.5 HP )
  • Cool and Heat
    System Refrigerant
  • R410A
    System Cooling
  • 12050 Btu/hr


Optimax Pro Heat Pump High Wall Split is the optimum air conditioning solution for places which require high wall installation, elegant appearance and ultimate comfort combined with efficient, quiet operation, optimum air distribution, and efficient Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

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26,135 EGP

Installation and after service included

Key Feature

Ionizer Technology

► Ionizer generates large quantity of negative ions for refreshing air, killing germs, removing smoke and dust particles. Ionizer gives an immediate sensation of energy and well-being.

R410A Refrigerant

► Works with the new R-410A refrigerant which increases its energy efficiency and does not degrade the ozone layer.

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High Wall

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