Corporate Responsibilities


Miraco (MISR REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING MFG. Co. S.A.E) is committed to implement the highest standards of Ethics, compliance and combating corruption and bribe

The business practice organization, (including Ombudsman) and The Local Business Practices Officer providing ethics and compliance training, investigating allegations of wrongdoings and conduct risk assessment.

We are expecting our employees to perform their work in a Legal, Ethical and safe manner.

Build trust, Show respect, perform with integrity keep the company reputation and growth.


EH&S Policy

Protecting the safety of our employees and the environment is a first priority within Miraco. Miraco will not be satisfied until its workplace is safe from hazards and pollutions, its employees are injury free, its products and services are safe and environment friendly and its commitment and records in protecting the environment are unmatched.

Specifically, this requires the following from each Miraco business unit in Egypt;

- Compliance with local EHS laws and policies, standard practices of the corporation

- Personnel involvement and participation of all employees to demonstrate that environmental health and safety is an important part of the company culture

- Systematic assessment, prevention and control of safety and environmental risks
- Establishment of safety and environmental plans and goals as an integral parts of Miraco business plans.

- Commitment to provide all necessary resources and means to support, monitor and maintain the accountability for the environmental health and safety

- Investigation of all accidents and implement all necessary corrective and preventive actions

- Commitment to prevent any pollution results from any activity in the company according to ISO 14001:2004 requirements

- Continuous improvement to eliminate and prevent any risks and pollutions

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