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The major benefit is to give a comfortable environment at home or the office throughout the year. An air conditioning unit has a number of functions including heating, cooling, dehumidifying and fan only. This will enable you to set the temperature and the unit will cool or heat as required or in the case of dehumidification, the unit will get rid of the moisture in the air without dropping the room temperature which is beneficial for those with respiratory illnesses like asthma.

Your air conditioning sizing requirements will vary subject to a number of factors. These factors include the aspect positioning of your house, the material the house is made of such as brick veneer, double brick or weatherboard. The location and size of windows and the covering on these windows and whether the house in insulated. These factors all have a large bearing on the appropriate sizing. 
To be sure you purchase the unit that best suits your situation we always recommend you discuss your specific requirements with Miraco hotline 19111.

Miraco is offering a full range of products and services ranging from residential AC units
WINDOW AIR CONDITIONERS – A one-piece unit which must be installed into the wall. These can be available in Cooling only.
SPLIT SYSTEMS – Generally two piece units consisting of an Indoor and Outdoor Unit. Split Systems are available as Reverse Cycle or Cooling only. These are also available in fixed speed or inverter and there are wide range of split system products as following: -

Hi wall unit- the high-wall unit is the most wanted and mainly installed indoor type. especially because of the easy installation and maintenance. The new high-wall units with their compact and elegant design fit in any room interior.
Floor & Ceiling unit – is the optimum air conditioning solution for places which require floor or wall or under-ceiling installations, elegant appearance and ultimate comfort combined with efficient and quiet operation, optimum air distribution, and efficient indoor air quality

Floor Standing – floor standing split systems are the optimum air conditioning solutions for large places which require floor instillation elegant appearance and ultimate comfort combined with efficient, quiet operation, optimum air conditioning and increased air throw distance 

DUCTED unit– Ceiling concealed ducted split is the optimum air conditioning solution for places which require ceiling installation above false ceiling and minimum sound levels. Its slim profile and flexible installation make this system the best choice for residential and light commercial applications where the units are practically hidden from view.

CASSETTE unit – Cassettes are the optimum air conditioning solution for large places which require ceiling installation above false ceiling, slim design, elegant appearance and ultimate comfort combined with efficient, quiet operation, optimum air distribution and increased air throw distance.

Warranty period

5 years’ warranty – first year full warranty –starting from the 2nd year till the end of the warranty 
We charge the customer labor cost and Freon charging.

The air cleaner should be checked and cleaned at least once every 2 weeks or more often as may be necessary according to working conditions.

Scheduled visits as per manufacturer recommendation to maintain the efficiency of the equipment. 
Prompt high response for emergency failures. 
Supervision from highly qualified engineers and assuring technical back up from Miraco’s whenever needed.
Extend the life time of the A/C.
Special rates for services and spare parts 

Dependable Miraco products are among the longest lasting heating and cooling products available. For your specific equipment, there are many variables that affect life expectancy: -

• the regularity of routine maintenance. Leads to increasing remaining lifespan of your system.
• stability of electrical currents one of the most important factor.
• Right selection of AC capacity verses the place size and thermal loads.

Service center activities

• Repair & Maintenance
• Installation
• Re-installation
• Maintenance contract

No as we do rain test for all our product and the internal components are protected well so no bad effect will happen (normal raining).

It would be better to put this cover for more protection from dusts & weather climate

All Miraco Residential and light commercial air conditioners have 5-year domestic warranty on manufacturing faults maintenance and user faults, electricity failures, natural disaster are not covered. 
it’s recommended the filters be cleaned every 2 weeks or at least once a month. In addition, a professional tradesperson should clean the unit at least once a year; this should be done before Summer to avoid long servicing delays during the Summer period

Allowance must be made for drainage from the indoor unit on cooling mode and outdoor unit on heating mode. Positioning of the indoor unit is important and should not inhibit the flow of air from the unit. Where possible the unit should be placed centrally on a wall directing the airflow to the center of the room. The outdoor unit must be positioned in a well-ventilated area on a solid footing and must be easily accessible for servicing purposes. Correct installation is vital to ensure the performance of the unit. As installation faults may void manufacturer warranties, only qualified air conditioning installers should carry out this work.

Make sure the unit you purchase is correctly sized allowing the unit to cycle off when the correct temperature is reached. This allows for the compressor to switch on and off as required rather than running continuously.
Set your temperature set point so that you feel comfortable rather than cold. Most of us feel comfortable at between 24 and 26 degrees in summer.
Consider insulating the ceiling so that you may be able to use a smaller capacity unit.
Make sure the unit is securely mounted to avoid unnecessary vibration. Mounting through the wall will generally give a more secure install than through glass.
Maintain the filters of your air conditioner on a regular basis and in the case of split systems, have your unit serviced by a qualified tradesperson at least every two years depending on the environment the unit is installed in, some units require a professional service once a year.

Is the unit going to be sitting on a concrete path or in a garden? Concrete paths are a highly reflective surface and will allow sound to travel further. A condensing unit mounted close to an adjacent wall will allow sound to be reflected off multiple surfaces making the sound louder.
Be sure to have maximum clearances around the outdoor unit, so there is no chance of the hot air from the outdoor being recirculated back into the outdoor unit especially if there is a wall directly opposite the unit. As this can cause the unit to overheat and fail especially on hot days.
Is the condensing unit going to be located under a carport or roofed entertainment area? These areas are more reflective of sound.
Is the condensing unit mounted on wall support on a wall? Make sure the unit is well isolated from the wall so as to avoid unnecessary vibration.
Placing the outdoor unit in direct sunlight makes the outdoor unit work harder. 
Location of the outdoor unit must be easily accessible.

Horsepower is a measure of the rating of a compressor and does not relate to the cooling capacity of an air conditioner. Use watts or B.T.U.
Most of us feel comfortable at between 24 degrees and 26 degrees and at a humidity level of 60% to 75% in Summer and 55% to 70% in Winter.
Over sizing is just as bad as under sizing as the unit may cycle off before the appropriate amount of dehumidification has occurred.
Installation is important. If a unit fails due to a problem with the installation (faulty flare connections etc.) it will not be covered under the warranty.

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