Product Warranty Certificate

We warrant this product to be free from product defects under normal use and service, the warranty period will be one year for the product from date of original installation and operation, or eighteen months from delivery date (Whichever is earlier), with five years free supply of spare parts for repair jobs

Warranty Terms :

* The installation, operation and maintenance of the product are carried out by Miraco or one of Miraco authorized dealers according to the technical specifications and instructions included in installation and owner manuals supplied with the product from the factory.

* During the first year of warranty, Miraco or Miraco authorized dealer who installed the product will replace at his expense any component, which prove to be defective.

* First year warranty will be fully comprehensive including cost of spare parts, cost of inspection, transportation of service technicians as well as the fees of product transportation from owner to service center and vice versa.

* During first year warranty If the same defects, which affect the quality of the product functional performance, is repeated more than twice, the defective product ( outdoor or indoor unit as per the defect type ) will be replaced free of charge.

* After first year, free supply of spare parts for repair job does not include the refrigerant ( Freon )

* During the product warranty period, Miraco or Miraco authorized dealer, who installed the product, will perform the requested service, maintenance or repair works within 10 days max. from the date of notification.

Warranty Canceled In The Following Cases :

1- Failure due to electrical connections between the electrical power supply and circuit breaker of air conditioner ( miswiring – cables defects – power supply defects ) leading to fire occurrence.

2- Failure due to misuse, abusing, overloading, negligence of air filters cleaning and negligence of operating instructions included in the owner’s manual.

3- Failure due to accident / weather natural catastrophe, accident due to bad weather (hail storm, sand storm, lightning, flooding, acid rain and air borne fallout, etc).

4- Failure due to damages resulted from wrong product transport done through the owner.

5- Failure due to any wrong modifications in the product done through the owner.

6- Failure due to wrong Installation or service and maintenance or repair works done through the owner.

7- Failure due to product re-installation in location other than the original installation site.

8- Warranty certificate is lost or warranty certificate details are altered, mutilated or removed.

Owners Responsibility :

* Electrical connections between the electrical power supply and circuit breaker of air conditioner.

* Ensure that the periodic maintenance is done through Miraco or Miraco authorized dealer during product warranty card.

* To avail of Miraco’s warranty just fill the your data in the coupon below the certificate, then detach the coupon and give it to the dealer.

* Ensure that Dealer data are recorded by the installer before leaving the installation site.

* Keep warranty certificate and purchase invoice to be shown in case of required maintenance / repair.

* Keep warranty service follow-up card to be used when Miraco or Miraco authorized dealer performs any repair / maintenance works.

* After elapsing of the product warranty period, Miraco recommends that the owners to sign an annual contract of service and maintenance with Miraco or Miraco authorized dealer.

Note : Serial number of warranty certificate is same as unit serial number.  

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