Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Profile
About Miraco 
In 1976, Miraco was founded as a joint stock company by its Chairman Adel Barakat, who has been in the industry over 40 years. The original factory, built in 1979 in Abu Rewash, was 5,400 m2 and had a production capacity of 2,000 Boxes per year with a total workforce of 250 employees.
In 1992, Miraco signed a joint venture agreement with Carrier Corporation. Since then Miraco Carrier has become the largest heating, ventilation and air conditioning company in Africa.
Today there are two factories, all with the latest manufacturing technology, and a total working space of over 90,000 m2. From that small dream back in 1976, the production capacity has now expanded to over 400,000 Boxes per year and a total workforce of more than 1,400 dedicated employees. Miraco Carrier holds a prominent place in the Egyptian market and is well known for its quality manufacturing, distribution, HVAC contracting, commercial refrigeration, and service divisions. It has the largest dealership network in the country as well as the largest service organization. 
Our Policy 
The policy of Miraco Carrier is to provide quality products and services that exceed our customers' expectations and deliver them on time at a competitive price. All our activities and goals are driven by customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, environmental safety is one of our main concerns. 

Our mission is to remain the leading producer and supplier for the Air conditioning and Refrigeration industry in Egypt by providing world-class products and services, and achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

 Address:  KM 28, Cairo-Alex. Desert Road, Abou-Rawash Industrial Area, Giza, Egypt. Map
Tel.:  +20 / (0)2 / 353 66 666
Fax:  +20 / (0)2 / 353 66 888